DevOps and Cloud Consulting Services

We provide cost-effective yet powerful infrastructure and workflow automation solutions which will increase in overall efficiency and reduce  operational cost in I.T., Once we finish our job, you will be able to release fast, scale fast, recover fast and all of it with less expenditure.

Our Services

DevOps Consulting

DevOps is the fastest way to get your infrastructure in a competitive, consistent, highly scalable format which will be a formidable product for years to come. The optimum mix of Agile and DevOps practices means that we deliver on time, as we value the given time frame and provide a very accurate time estimate. Our DevOps integration process starts with an assessment of existing Services and strategy to come up with a list of areas for improvement and the tools, required to successfully inject the DevOps Strategy.

Our team possesses the skills, experience, expertise and creativity to deliver best DevOps solutions within a specified time frame. We have worked with the most reputable firms and earned their applause and appreciation.

Cloud Consulting

We offer cloud migration, implementation and management services. We have expert teams and experience in architecting, implementing, optimizing, securing and supporting AWS, GCP and AZURE Solutions. Our experienced cloud consulting & DevOps team will guide you in the architecture of optimal cloud infrastructure needed for the existing infrastructure migration or in building a new cloud. We help our customers to have highly available and scalable architecture designs implemented with round the clock monitoring and management with our cloud support services.

SME Resourcing

We not just provide Cloud and DevOps services,  but we also enable our clients to get on their feet during the transformation, We offer a range of flexible recruitment solutions to ensure your organization is ready to take on journey toward DevOps and Cloud Transformation. Whether you need temporary staff, are looking to hire a permanent team member, or just need help with identifying right candidate for the job, we’re the partner you’re looking for.

Steps we follow


We map out existing IT and application lifecycle capabilities, produce an assessment and roadmap of activities required to automate development and operations. We will give you an assessment questionnaire, which will help us understand where you are currently and from there we will discuss where would you like to go.

Information Gathering

First part of the process is information gathering. It starts with a cup of coffee  and then the additional input through research by our team of professionals.


Project Strategist & Plan

Our team makes a feasibility report and chalk out a business plan with specific procedures, objectives, timeline and budget.

Goal Setup

Once we are done with the assessment and we know where you would like to go, we design a roadmap for transformation, and setup milestones. We will finalize the requirement and start developing solutions.

Tool Chain Selection

We enhance user satisfaction with a product by improving accessibility and pleasure provided in using it.


Requirement Sign Off

Once the assessment is done, and tool chain has been finalized, we sign off the requirements and have your approval, we will also setup a stake holder agreement, where we will define what all time commitments and responsibilities will lie with the client.



Most crucial stage, where we build the automation exactly as per the requirement specification. We even ourselves try to break it several times before handing it over just to make sure that everything is perfect for you.


Once we have requirement and tool chain shortilisted, we start developing automation around those tools


Satisfaction Check

Once we are done, the quality check will be done by your developers and technical team members, they test if this automation works for them.

Support & Maintenance

We are liable for all the automation done by our team and provide full support and maintenance of our automation libraries, if in the agreement, we also train your staff to take over from here.

Easy As 1…2…3…

We carefully listen and value every idea that comes from our clients. Every idea, every input from our client is noted down in the first meeting and questions are asked only for better understanding of the business concept. The idea is discussed in a brainstorming session within our team members who work on the business plan, business execution and automation of the business through mobile apps and web development. You hand us the pebbles, we will find you the diamonds and help you polishing them to attain maximum monetary benefits!

DevOps Services

Our DevOps services span the application lifecycle and can be used for any application from digital customer-facing systems to large-scale enterprise products. 

Cloud Services

Our Cloud services includes cloud migration and cloud architecture, we also help you in deploying your application on cloud of your choice using various tools and technologies.

SME Resourcing

Since we have great experience in DevOps and Cloud technologies, we understand very well your resourcing requirements, we help you with all the resourcing you need to make your transformation successful.

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