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    Quick & Fast Implementation Cycle

    Minimal Implementation time

    Setting up a bot can be done in as quickly as 2-3 weeks, depending on the complexity of the process. Most low-hanging fruits can be set up in 2 weeks. Thus overall implementation is accelerated.

    Low barriers to getting started

    Since the RPA layer sits on top of your existing framework or application, there is No Change required to your existing workflows.

    Freeing up employees

    For industries that have seen a surge in their operations, automation of repetitive tasks means, employees can concentrate on value driven activities that require decision making and cognitive skills which puts their time to better use.

    What can be automated?

    Business operations in many forms can be automated — from data scraping, web extraction to integration of the most important business applications, the digital transformation opportunities are never ending.


    Go beyond macros to automate data transformation for more efficient and accurate use of Excel processes.

    Automated Data Extraction

    Eliminate manual tasks and custom script writing for data aggregation.

    Web Browser Automation

    Streamline web data extraction with automated navigation, input, and much more.

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    Power Automation with a Digital Workforce

    When you deploy a RPA to automate repetitive tasks and manual processes it eliminates process bottlenecks and data entry errors. This significantly improves organizational KPIs like processing times, compliance, customer responsiveness and innovation.

    Unleash the Potential


    A McKinsey report estimates global automation potential at 43% for finance and accounting.

    Customer service

    Amongst the industries embracing RPA benefits, the customer care industry is no exception. Whether it is to enable the customers to self serve or empowering agents by pulling contextual information from multiple systems in a single click, RPA is at the forefront of transformation

    Retail and Stock management

    Vendors selling goods on various e-commerce portals can employ bots to not only manage end to end customer order processing but also track stock details by gathering information from different sources.

    Human resource

    Tasks such as recruitment, Background verification, processing leaves or claims for expenses are all time consuming and repetitive. These jobs which often still rely on physical documentation are often taxing and demotivating. RPA can free HR professionals from mundane tasks to play a more strategic role in the organization.

    Supply Chain Management

    Robotic Process Automation in Supply Chain serves to automate invoicing, shipping, inventory management, fleet tracking and optimization leaving little room for errors and anomalies.

    Health Care

    With the increasing patient volumes, RPA helps healthcare industries in keeping costs low and increase efficiency.